The activities of the Sportscamps St Andrews and the different courses

Each year, many summer camps take place on the St Andrews University campus and the sports activities present on this campus are available for everyone. Indeed, there are many different camps for all tastes and ages! The most popular camps are of course the learning camps for the very young. Children between the ages of 3 and 10 come from all over the country to discover new sports and activities. These camps usually last a week, from Monday to Friday.

In addition to the camps, there are many sessions of discovery, initiation or deepening of many sports and are open to all. In fact, every week, private lessons supervised by professionals are organized on the university campus of St Andrews and allow participants to unwind, learn and improve in many sports.

Among the sports reserved for adults, one can find soccer games, golf, fitness, climbing or tennis. Find on this page all the activities available during the St Andrews Sportscamps as well as all the activities offered by this university campus throughout the summer.

The activities of the Sportscamps St Andrews

  • Soccer

Each child can participate in the activities he or she prefers and is under no obligation to participate in the entire week of camp. Among the sports offered is soccer, an extremely popular sport in Scotland. From an early age, students are taught to develop their soccer skills and to share the passion, fervor and team spirit of the world’s most popular sport. The Director of Football at St Andrews University will be present for the occasion.

  • Rugby

Then, several times during the course, participants will be able to try rugby, which is also one of the major sports in this country. The rules are of course adapted by the organizers so that there are no injuries, as this sport is somewhat violent for young children. Professional players and certified coaches will be present to pass on their knowledge to the children and to teach the participants the rules of rugby.

  • Field Hockey

During the Sportscamps St Andrews we also find field field hockey. This team sport is very popular with the children who love this activity. All precautions will be taken to ensure the safety of the participants. A camp is also planned for 13-17 year olds, who come every summer from all over the world to play this growing sport. These camps are supervised by former professional field field hockey players who will be happy to teach, help and advise the apprentice field hockey players.

  • Tennis

One of the children’s favorite camps is undoubtedly tennis. Indeed, this sport is the only individual activity on the program and allows the children to develop their competitive and reflective spirit. For more than two and a half hours a day, participants will try to improve and progress by following the advice of tennis coaches who are on site to accompany them.

Activities for adults

Sportscamps St Andrews are of course reserved for children. However, many activities are set up especially for adults! First of all, occasional sportsmen and women have the possibility to access all the facilities, respecting of course the authorized time slots. In order not to encroach on the children’s training courses, these open access fields are generally available in the evening, so that the children can go home and the adults can get off work.

  • Saints Six

As explained above, in recent years, soccer has become a major part of the sports activities at St Andrews University. Brand new fields have been created. In addition, a league has been created and it is called Saints Six. It is a year-round tournament in which several teams compete to win as many games as possible in order to be ranked as high as possible. Each year, several tournaments are organized.

This competition takes place on a field specially dedicated to this event. Indeed, it is a field with 6 players, which is much smaller than a traditional soccer field. This tournament is played 6 against 6 and the games are played on Monday and Friday nights between 6pm and 10:30pm.

  • Saints Seniors

These activities are reserved for seniors who enjoy playing sports as much as possible! Indeed, there is no age to play sports, that’s why Sportscamps St Andrews provides seniors with indoor tennis courts, which are reserved especially for them during a predefined time slot. In addition, they will also have access to the badminton courts, a sport that is becoming increasingly popular among sports fans. They will also be able to use the ping-pong tables at the club.

  • Fitness classes

A gym is present in the sports complex of St Andrews University. This fitness room provides you with personalized sports coaches who will be there to give you personalized advice and to prevent you from potential injuries. Private lessons are given several evenings a week and all adults are of course welcome!

Students are very fond of these private classes which are very varied and allow them to strengthen their muscles, work on their cardio and let off steam in the company of amateurs and professionals. So don’t hesitate, and come have a good time with us on the St Andrews University sports facilities!

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