Outdoor facilities available at Sportscamps St Andrews

All Sportscamps St Andrews courses take place in the summer, from the beginning of July to the end of August. This date is obviously not chosen at random. Indeed, the choice of the organizers to start the camps in the summer period allows the children to be available since school is over. The second reason why the university organizes the camps in summer is the weather. Indeed, the summer sun allows the participants of the different camps to freely enjoy the outdoor sports facilities while hoping for a good weather.

There are many fields of different surfaces which are available to students throughout the year and which are also used during the camps. There are also many tennis courts. All the necessary equipment for the practice of different sports is available on site, but we advise you to come with your own equipment and accessories to save time and limit the risks due to the current sanitary conditions.

This page of the sportscamps-standrews.com website presents the different outdoor sports facilities available on the St Andrews University campus. These fields and other facilities are accessible to all, except when these facilities are reserved for various training courses or tournaments.

Tennis courts

Tennis is one of the most promoted sports at this university. In fact, huge investments have been made in recent years to offer one of the most complete and important tennis centers in the country. A gymnasium containing 4 indoor courts was recently built and the surfaces of these courts meet the standards required by the international tennis federation. These courts host an annual Scottish Tennis Championship tournament. The University Championship final is also held on the St Andrews campus courts.

In addition to these indoor courts, there are numerous outdoor tennis facilities on the campus. Indeed, there are 4 outdoor courts lined up in the middle of the sports park. These brand new courts are state of the art. A camera directly filming the courts in question makes it possible to analyze the matches and the training of each player. These outdoor courts host the St Andrews Sportscamps every summer, to the great pleasure of the children who are always very happy to discover this sport.

Grass fields for team sports

This is undoubtedly the element that makes St Andrews University one of the most advanced faculties in terms of sports facilities in the country. Indeed, it is an immensely large park dedicated to grass sports, with some twenty pitches with some of the best turf in Scotland. There are a total of :

  • 6 grass soccer pitches ;
  • 6 grass rugby pitches;
  • 2 cricket fields;
  • Field field hockey, frisbee and 7-a-side soccer fields.

The quality of the outdoor facilities on the St Andrews University campus have allowed prestigious soccer and rugby teams to choose the park for training camps or practice sessions prior to matches against Scottish teams. These include English club Manchester United, FC Barcelona and the Scottish national rugby team. The grounds are spread over several acres and have state-of-the-art facilities, changing rooms and treatment rooms.

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